TheTeacherBay will help to
provide materials and ideas to
create any theme in your
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Teaching is a demanding
career and we need all the
necessary resources  to
assist us.
TTBay on TheTeacherBay
is the place to find these
resources and materials.

TTBay online store is scheduled
to open in August 2012
What is The Teacher Bay?
The Teacher Bay is a website designed specifically for
teachers and parents.  It is a place to communicate ideas
and exchange educational materials and resources.

Tutoring services are available for parents and students.
Reserve now for tutoring sessions in READING, WRITING
What is TTBay ?
TTBay is an online teacher exchange store where you can find
materials for educational use.  All materials are created by
teachers for other teachers.
Whether you teach in a public school, private school or home
daycare center, you will find items specially for you. If you are a
parent with the desire to assist your child at home, you will find
exactly what you need on TheTeacherBay and at TTBAY.
Visit for the following reasons:
Shop for discounted educational supplies and classroom materials.  
Preview photos of items available and lessons in action.
TTBay is a secure site copyrighted and approved.
PayPal is available for purchases.
The Teacher Bay .com
Get ideas for classroom activities and lessons
Parents can have access to great teaching tools at home
Download free activities for your classroom or home
Sign-up for educational TUTORING Services
Attend educator swap meets to trade, donate or collect materials
Preview photos of classroom materials available
Submit educational ideas for other teachers to share
Shop for classroom materials by theme, topic or grade level: coming
soon on TTBAY.
(This website is updated periodically.
Please check back often for new information.)
Professional attire is required
for all educators. Visit
to find
affordable fashion jewelry
perfectly suited for teachers.
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